Maurya Samrat Ashok
Sleeping hours: 2

It is said that Samart Ashok always took bath before sleeping. He had a habbit of listening to music and discussing about his kingdom's law and order. Before sunrise he used to meet his his chef, and astrologer for the next day preparation.

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Mughal emperor Akbar:
Sleeping hours: 2

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It is said that Mughal emperor Akabar used to wake up late night with the durbari musicians and poets. Samrat Jahagir also said about his father that he utilised every minute for his work and further plans for the betterment of his kingdoms.

Mahatma Gandhi
Sleeping hours: 3 hours

Mahatma Gandhi had a habit of reading books late night but he used to wake up  at 4 in the morning. He said that “ every night I go to sleep I am dead and every new morning is a new birth for me” .

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Indira Gandhi:
Sleeping hours: 4

After emergency in 1975 Indira Gandhi lost the Lok Sabha elections, after this she chose a very hectic schedule for his working. It is said she looked very confident and fresh while her meeting and speeches. She even said tiredness is in our mind it is nothing to do with the body.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Sleeping hours: 3-4 hours

Modi is very famous for his hectic schedule and long working hours. He is very famous among the government officials for his right timing and punctual nature. Modi said “ Doctor have suggested me to sleep 5 hours but I am able to sleep for 3-4 hours only”  He says I have less time and more things to do, I want to utilise every minute effectively”.

Shahrukh Khan
Sleeping hours: 3

He is known as a workaholic in the Bollywood. People even say have a problem of sleep disorder but he smiles and laugh at it. He says 3 hours sleep is more than enough for me to give fresh start to a new day.

Indira Nooyi
Sleeping hours: 3

She is the current Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo. She is very hardworking and intelligent as a CEO, she says if I sleep for more than 3-4 hours I feel like missing important things on my projects.

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