New Delhi: With the release of 'The Dirty Picture' around the corner, lead actor Emraan Hashmi on Wednesday promoted the film outside the Parliament.
The actor said he decided to take the "unusual step" of promoting the movie outside the Parliament after exhausting every other trick.
"Well, it is an unusual way to promote the movie but we have exhausted all other ways to promote the film. Parliament is an important place. Important issues are discussed here. So, we thought that we will come and lighten up the mood," the actor told reporters.
Hashmi, perhaps, is the first Bollywood star to promote his film outside the Parliament.
The film, which hits theatres on December 2, revolves around the life and time of a dancing star in the 80s. Emraan, who plays an upcoming director in the movie, said the film is bold without being vulgar.
"Well it is not obscene. We have been censored and it has been certified as an A certificate movie. It's bold and provocative in its concept but does not have any drastic skin show. Boldness and vulgarity are very subjective and depend on one's mind," said the actor.
Southern sex siren Silk Smitha's family have objected to the film, which is said to be a biopic on the life of the yesteryear star but Emraan says it is a fictitious depiction of an era.
"It is not a movie about Silk Smitha. It has a character called Silk. We took this name for Silk Smitha was the quintessential item icon of the day. It is a fictitious movie about the south film industry of the 80s," said Emraan.
He is also planning to take a metro ride and visit Nizamuddin Dargah on Wednesday to promote the film.
Directed by Milan Luthria, the movie stars Vidya Balan, Emraan, Naseeruddin Shah and Kunal Kapoor in key roles.