Mumbai: Following on the footsteps of Salman Khan, who is known for celebrating festivals irrespective of his faith, Emraan Hashmi is all set to attend Dahi Handi celebrations in Worli on Friday.

Though he’s not the first from the B-Town to do so, what’s interesting is that he’s not keen on promoting his forthcoming film at the do. To add to his fans’ pleasure, he’ll be taking time off to interact with them too.
Interestingly, the organisers wanted to be sure whether he’d be promoting the film so that they could organise audio-visual equipment to display its trailers and standees. Emraan, however, surprised them by stating that he has no intentions of taking mileage of a religious event and politely declined the offer.

Given the crowd pull this function is assured of, the actor has decided to stick to his religious belief of not mixing a festival’s sanctity with commerce. Emraan has been quite popular for shying away from public events but he made an exception for this function that commemorates Lord Krishna’s birthday.

He says, “I’m really excited to be part of the Gokulashtami function. It’s a charitable organisation. Besides, I don’t it find it necessary to exploit religious events as platforms for my film’s promotions. I’ll be present at the event as a guest and I’m also looking forward to interacting with my fans.”


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