At last, the inevitable incident has happened. The much-awaited end to the symbol of terrorism has been achieved with the death of al-Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden. Osama's successful liquidation is a shot in the arm for Americans who have been on his hunt for the past ten years. With the killing of the al-Qaeda leader, America has proved beyond doubt that it can go to any extreme to wipe out its enemies. As soon as Osama’s killing was made public, a wave of relief and cheer inevitably rippled across America and the entire world as it symbolised the end of a man who had become synonymous with terror. But it should not be assumed that with the killing of Osama, the war against terrorism has come to a conclusive end. With the worldwide expansion of al-Qaeda and sprouting of terror organisations akin to the former, the present scenario provides no glimpse of complete end of terror, even in the far future. In addition, it cannot be denied that in the past decade, al-Qaeda had taken the form of an ideology which constantly acted as a propeller to forward the terror ideology refusing to die down. Moreover, America-led anti-terror operations have been given the form of war against Islam by al-Qaeda misleading various Muslim countries to consider western nations, especially America, as a staunch enemy. This growing wedge between Muslim nations and western countries has cemented the hands of terrorism. However, since Barack Obama took over as US President, he has been toiling hard to dispel the notion that the west, including America, has nothing against Islam and is an ally of the Islamic nations. But he has miles to go before he can see his efforts yielding any result. Rulers, intellectuals and religious leaders from Muslim countries should come forward to prove the point that Islam and terrorism do not go hand in hand. To achieve a more effective result for the same, all countries of the world should join hands and come forward to combat terrorism. 
The killing of Osama bin Laden in a fortress like home in Pakistan, 100 kms away from the country’s capital near a Pakistani military establishment, has not only unraveled Pakistan’s hidden strategy but also torn apart it’s left-over prestige. Now it has become all the more clear that Osama remained alive for such a long period only because he received assistance, support and security from Pakistan Army and intelligence agencies all throughout. Maybe this is the reason why Pakistan government was shying away from giving its reaction immediately after Osama was killed. Later on, though the Pakistan government and its Army issued statements, but their credibility is still questionable. Sticking to its wicket, Pakistan has once again adopted its usual stance despite all round criticism.

Even if Pakistan is crying foul about the fact that it had no inkling of the Osama manhunt and the subsequent killing by the US forces and the latter echoing the same, it is hard to buy their statements. Either America or Pakistan’s strategy might be the reason behind this move of both the countries. If in the near future, America strives towards making a quick exit from Afghanistan than Pakistan’s intervention in that region would become more prominent and it would mean that Osama’s end was accomplished under a well thought-out strategy. Such a situation might be belligerent for India’s interest. The withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan’s increased interference in Kabul subsequently will lead to the rise of terrorism in a new cloak. If this happens, India will be the worst hit nation. Anyways, it is an established fact that Pakistan is the epicentre of terrorism and not Afghanistan. The problem is that America is refusing to focus on the cause of terrorism. The great irony is that America is leading the war against terrorism with the help of biggest terror friendly nation like Pakistan. Not only this, America considers Pakistan an ally and a source of uprooting terrorism from this world with its help. But terrorism can be eliminated only when its roots are destroyed. It would be wise on the part of India to adopt more cautions while pushing forward its relations with Pakistan because despite the elimination of Osama bin Laden, India’s concerns are still in limbo.