"The political and military leadership of both sides needs to come together to bring an end to this turbulent phase along the LoC (Line of Control) and the working boundary," the report said.

It said that violence along the Kashmir border "has been a regular feature for much of the past year".It said that in typically murky circumstances, "several Pakistani and at least one Indian border guards were killed" on the eve of New Year.

"What is alarming about the latest, however, is that the Pakistani version suggests that two Rangers were lured into a flag meeting with their Indian counterparts and then killed in a hail of gunfire."

Also worrying is the Indian defence apparatus' seeming determination to resort to the use of disproportionate force and then boast about its disproportionate response. "When responses are measured in multiple killed for every dead body, something is surely terribly amiss," it said.

The news paper said  what was needed was some meaningful work on reducing the border tensions between two countries.


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