New Delhi: Soon your mobile phone charger will carry energy efficiency ratings. The government is in final stages of finalising the guidelines for providing energy efficiency ratings for mobile phone chargers.
"We are working on it. The draft proposal is being discussed and we hope to introduce ratings for mobile phone chargers this fiscal itself.
"Initially, the system would be introduced on a voluntary basis," an official at the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) said.
The official added that such ratings on mobile phone chargers could be made mandatory in due course.
BEE, under the Power Ministry, implements the standards and labelling programme related to energy efficiency. The entity's labelling and ratings indicate the energy efficiency of an appliance or equipment.
The draft has been prepared after consultations with various stakeholders, including manufacturers, buyers and consumer groups, among others, the official said.
A technical committee has been set up by the BEE for the purpose of finalising norms for energy efficiency ratings for mobile phone chargers..
BEE's standards and labelling programme, aimed at providing an informed choice about the energy saving to the consumer, is part of overall efforts to promote energy efficiency in the country.
Refrigerators, air-conditioners, distribution transformer, ceiling fans, colour televisions and induction motors are some of the factors that energy efficiency ratings.