London, (Agencies): Researchers have developed a prototype of an energy-efficient house that has been programmed to send alerts if its occupants fall ill.

InterHome is the first of its type in UK which can monitor the health of its residents and text them if the house is being burgled, or the door has been left unlocked.

"We developed it further with elderly people in mind so that the house can send alerts if the person has a fall or a stroke," said Johann Siau, senior lecturer at the University of Herfordshire's School of Engineering and Technology.

The prototype can be strapped to a person's wrist and is embedded with sensors which take readings of body temperature and pulse.

"This opens up a platform for us to add new types of technologies around assisted living," said Siau, according to a statement from the university.

InterHome integrates modular custom design units and draws on standard home automation systems which have been adapted so that the house "learns" and "adapts" to its users' lifestyles.

The prototype of the home has been developed in a doll's house which integrates embedded devices with home automation controllers, so that it provides convenience and security to the home owner and also enables them to reduce energy.

InterHome includes an intuitive touch screen user control panel that also allows the house to be monitored and controlled using web browsers, smart phones and any SMS-capable mobile phone.