Maran alleged that ED, which had attached over Rs 700 crore moveable and immovable properties of his, his brother Kalanithi and his wife Kavery, said that he will take legal recourse and come out clean in the case.

"The Enforcement Directorate has released to the media a long list of attached properties. This (action) seems to have been done at the behest of someone due to political vendetta," the former Union Minister said without naming anyone.

He alleged that ED had 'flouted' all legal provisions and had acted in 'haste'.

"Which shows someone is directing it from behind," he said in a statement issued late night here, a day after it attached the property.

While it was 'evident' that he had no ownership in or connections to Sun Direct TV Pvt Ltd or South Asian FM Ltd, the professional investments in these have been 'distracted' he said.

Foreign investment in a domestic company cannot be done without the approval of the Centre, he said, adding "it cannot be but politics painting colours" to such a business transaction. He further alleged that ED had ignored certain legal provisions in this matter.

For instance, a particular property can be attached only if it had been earned as a benefit from the said allegation but ED had attached property "unconnected" to the issue on hand.

"Doesn't it show ED is implementing someone's intentions," he said.

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