New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday advised CBI to use expertise of professionals while dealing with complex cases to ensure impartial probe.
He said with economic growth and globalisation, newer modus operandi are being adopted for corrupt activities and the anti-corruption agencies are facing big challenge to keep pace with these developments.
"In these 20 years, the responsibilities that our anti-corruption agencies are expected to discharge have not only multiplied manifold, they have also become wider in scope, and should I say, become more complex and more specialised," he said at the annual conference of CBI and state anti-corruption units here.
The Prime Minister said different sectors of economy follow development models that are increasingly becoming more and more sophisticated.
"Therefore, in many cases, it would be difficult for the investigating agencies to reach the right conclusions without a firm grasp of the complexities involved in the formulation and implementation of economic policy," he said.
Advising CBI to upgrade skills and techniques to match the newer methods of corruption, he said, "I would urge the CBI and other anti-corruption agencies to feel free to engage professionals who have the expertise which can assist them in conducting an impartial enquiry in complex cases."
"Also, institutions established with special focus on economic offences should perhaps be more broad-based and need not be confined only to persons with a policing background. An open mind in this regard could help in imparting credibility to our investigations and securing, also, higher conviction rates," he said.
Minister of State for Personnel and Training V Narayanasamy said with economic development, there is need to be vigilant to thwart the nefarious designs of unscrupulous elements who may short-circuit the system.


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