Tokyo: Japan's All Nippon Airways aborted the takeoff of a Boeing Dreamliner on Wednesday after what appeared to be white smoke was seen billowing from the plane's left engine.
The 787 was moving onto the runway at Okayama airport bound for Tokyo when clouds of fumes were seen behind the engine, television footage showed.
"We are confirming what happened. At this point, we believe it was due to a glitch with the hydraulic system," an ANA spokesman told.
"Oil from the hydraulic system leaked onto the heated left engine. Because the engine is hot, the oil was vaporised, like mist," he said.
"It may look like smoke because it turns white, but it is not something burning. The heated oil was just being vaporised. It does not appear that the engine is broken."
None of the 88 passengers on board was harmed, he added.
The Dreamliner was touted as the great new hope for US manufacturer Boeing, who say its next-generation composite fibre body reduces weight and boosts fuel efficiency.
ANA was the first airline to begin operating the 787, taking delivery of its initial plane in September 2011, three years behind schedule.
The Dreamliner has been hit by a series of glitches, including test engine trouble in July that was the subject of a probe by the US National Transportation Safety Board.
On July 23, ANA said it was grounding five 787 Dreamliner jets for repairs because of a defect on the Rolls-Royce engine.
In February, Boeing said around 55 Dreamliners were at risk of developing fuselage problem.


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