New Delhi: In an experimental program, final year engineering students of PRIST University, Thanjavur have made an amphibian car to be driven both on road and water.

The car which is fuelled by a solar panel and a battery is being made by seven students of PRIST University – Rajendra Kumar, Sanjay Kumar Yadav, Abhishek Raj, Rupak Kumar, Chandrakant, Nitesh Kumar, and Sanjay Kumar. Out of these seven students, four are from Bihar. All the students working on the project were selected by the college itself.

This electric car is the hot topic of discussion among the engineering institutes these days.

After the instructions by state government, District Magistrate of Nagapattinam T Munuswamy inspected the car and recommended the project for help from technical department and industrial ministry of Tamil Nadu.

Head of the mechanical department Professor Polin Durai, who is mentoring these seven students said, “Project was completed with the technical support of Hi-tech Project Industries of Tharangambadi.”
R Bala, a co-researcher at Hitech Project Industries said, “The successful trial of this car design is a big development for our institute and students involved in this project.”

Technical features of the car:

“The car is padded with dual motors, one to drive its engine on road and the other to propel its propeller on water. The car is fuelled by solar panel and a battery which converts solar energy directly into mechanical energy. It’s battery can be fully charged in four hours and after that car can travel up to 120-km.” one of the project member Chandrakant said.

Car useful for flood prone areas:

The car weights only 400-kg and is made of acrylic sheet to ensure least weight and buoyancy. The car can fit one passenger along with the driver.

“This car can be a boon for eco-tourism and flood affected areas”, a student Sanjay said.