Noida: The axiom, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’ rightly finds a logical and credible resonance in the success story of the English empowerment project in the remote areas of Bihar weaved by Dr Birbal Jha. Entrusted by the Bihar government with implementing an English teacher training project in 2009, Dr Jha not only saw to it that the project sees the light of the day but his endeavour has contributed to creating awareness as well as interest towards English language.

Dr Jha’s personality and inspirational teaching has won acclaim as well as the hearts and minds of many thousands of natives of Bihar along with recognition throughout India. For the youth of Bihar he has achieved almost iconic status as is reflected in the reception he receives when he returns to his home state.

Born and brought up in Bihar, Dr Jha has a personal interest and insight into the needs of the state and its people. He is the Managing Director and guiding light of British Lingua, an English and Soft Skills training institution based in Delhi.

He is an acclaimed author having penned over 20 books to date on aspects of English and related topics, the titles are produced at British Lingua's own publishing house, they also circulate a monthly magazine “Lingua Bulletin” which is widely read and appreciated nationwide. Dr Jha's bestselling book the “Spoken English Kit” explains English in a scientific yet understandable way, using formulas he developed himself to enable learners to access simple methods of progress from words to sentences and how to use them in everyday spoken English.

Another book, ‘Celebrate Your Life’ written by him is due for publication. The book has already received accolades from scholars and authors who have taken a look at it.