Beijing: If you want to exchange your culinary skill with your friend’s some other expertise without taking lessons, just click your mouse. This is how people in China are swapping their skills on the web to learn new ones.  

Resourceful Chinese internet users are saving money, as they exchange skills like English language for piano lessons and driving for cooking.

According to a leading newspaper, many internet users have successfully exchanged skills for free, earning the name 'skill swappers' which is designed by Hao Yi, a 27-year-old genius.

Most registered users are students or professionals, according to Hao Yi, a 27-year-old who founded the website in 2007.

To locate an exchange partner, internet users only need to type in their desired skills and location.

Skill swappers say the system has a variety of benefits.

Associate professor of psychology at the East China Normal University, Yan Wenhua said that skill exchanges can provide a 'more natural and effective way' for people to make friends than some match-making websites, which are too purpose-oriented.