Prahlad, two years younger than Narendra Modi, who is 64, was in the national capital to participate in a protest organised to highlight the woes of ration shop keepers under the aegis of All India Fair Price Shop Dealers Federation (AIFPSDF).

He informed that he runs a PDS shop and his visit to Delhi should not be treated as a fight against his elder brother. "I respect him a lot; he is like a father to me. I am not against my elder brother but I am raising the woes of the PDS dealers which should be sorted out," he added.

Prahlad informed that but he does not drop by at 7, RCR, the Prime Minister's official residence, to say hello, we do not meet or talk on phone frequently, but we are on good terms.

“ We did not meet even when he came to Gandhinagar to seek the blessings of our mother after his swearing in last year," Prahlad added.

"I do not hanker after any personal gains or seek the advantage of being the brother of Narendra Modi. My parents have given me and other family members such cultural values that we believe in our strengths," said Prahlad.

Asked if he keeps in touch with the Prime Minister's wife, Jashodaben, a retired schoolteacher who lives in Unjha town of Mehsana district, he said they meet "off and on".

Narendra Modi is the third of six siblings, with five of them being boys. Explaining the reasons for which he has come to Delhi, Prahlad said that Narendra Modi as Gujarat chief minister had helped mitigate the problems of fair price shop owners in the state.

 The AIFPSDF is keen that Prime Minister Modi should solve the problem of ration shop owners in the country. The ration shop owners are demanding that the government now equate them with government servants, and are seeking a "respectable" monthly wages of Rs.25,000 so that we can look after their family.

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