1. Grilled cheese with tinge of sugar, salt, and pepper:

Treat your friends and family members with grilled cheese stuffed with sugar powder mixed with small quantities of salt and pepper. The reaction on their faces; priceless!

2. Sundae made of mashed potatoes:

Mash potatoes and serve in the guise of sundaes at dinner tonight. Keep the camera ready and freeze the occasion.

3. Fill the shoes of your `bully` brother, sister:

Take sweet revenge on your bully big brother or sister. Simply fill up their shoes with cotton or toilet paper. Don’t forget to feign ignorance.

4. The call from the principal:

You might not get an Oscar for your acting skills but the reaction of your son, daughter, siblings would be the real award when you tell them, with a real scary look on your face that the principal called and sounded very angry.

5. Tape or stick a party popper to your siblings room:

Just imagine the scenario, your darling bro or sis opens the door and is greeted by a sound that takes the mind to a birthday party.

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