These recipes are easy to prepare and will make your dessert more indulging.

1. Ice cream Sandwich:

Take two slices of your favourite fruit cakes and put a thick layer of ice-cream in between, and you are ready with your delicious and mouth watering Ice-cream Sandwich.

2. Ice cream Brownie:

Try this once and it will be on the top of your favourite ice-cream list. Get some brownie, warm it in a microwave oven, and then put your favourite ice-cream on the brownie for a delectable taste. Toppings like chocolate sauce or coffee powder can do marvels here.

3. Ice cream Muffin:

This is the best amongst all and simple to make as well. Take a muffin and cut a space in between. Fill this space with ice-cream and sprinkle some chocolate powder or sauce to add more flavour.

4. Ice cream Layers:

Take two or three slices of different flavoured ice-creams and place them one above the other in layers. You can also add some layers of bread or fruit cakes in between. Now your ice-cream is ready to be relished.

5. Ice cream Pie:

This is yet another new ice-cream recipe where you can layer your pie with your favourite ice-cream to give it a juicy tinge.

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