Song by Bobby McFerrin ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ has the gist of leading a happy life. You don’t need a reason to enjoy life and sometimes it is okay to smile even without any rhyme and reason.

Taking some time out for pleasure can prove very beneficial. Sakhi tells you how:

Enjoyment is a vital component in an individual’s life. People get so busy in their daily routine that boredom and monotony creep into their lives. Age is no bar for having pleasures in life.

Life is worthless when you realize there is no happiness left.

Happiness and enjoyment in life is everybody’s right. More often than not we ignore this aspect. We are caught in the vicious circle of life and follow the same routine of getting up in the morning, going to office, coming back from office, eating while watching television and sleeping after checking comments on social networking sites.

It is not necessary to go on long vacations for enjoyment. Noticing small things in life is enough to collect few moments of joy in life.

1. Money can’t buy enjoyment. Take time off for your family and spend time with your dear ones. Even though Sundays are off but taking some extra leave for family becomes memorable. You can either sit in your balcony or enjoy the view or try your hand at cooking. You can also play cards. These are ways to enjoy life without spending.

2. Find out what interesting is happening in your city and venture out for it. It can be a painting exhibition or a movie. You can also feel happy by taking up something that you like. For instance, if you want to learn guitar or dance, you can join some course related to it. There is no age limit to learn something new. Taking out an hour for you can be worth.

3. Smile and the world will smile with you. A smile can bring sunshine. After all who doesn’t like smiling faces? Try this and find a difference in your day.

4. Remember your childhood days? Be a kid again and play cricket and badminton with your colony friends. Turn on the music and dance. Playing video games and watching cartoon films are also not bad idea.

Remember, you are holding the steering wheel of your life. Few light moments can energise your day.