The Home Ministry statement which said Rajnath Singh had spoken to both the Chief Ministers of Haryana and Karnataka was later re-issued with revisions, clarifying he had spoken to the Haryana Governor, not the Chief Minister. It also said he had spoken to the Karnataka Chief Minister on Thursday.

"The Home Minister requested both the governments to maintain law and order under all circumstances and also urged them to ensure the safety of all citizens, including those hailing from the northeast," said the statement.

Citing some incidents of attacks on citizens from the northeast in the past couple of days in Bangalore, Karnataka and Gurgaon, Haryana, he said that it is a matter of concern.

"In Bangalore, three people found to be involved in the attack have been arrested. Similarly, in Gurgaon, three attackers have been arrested by the Haryana Police," the official statement said.

"Considering these attacks, both the state governments have issued directions to the police to deal with such people strictly," the statement said.

The statement informs that Karnataka and Haryana Police have taken a number of security measures to ensure the security of the people including those hailing from the northeast and the Home Ministry has also sent advisories to state governments and union territories in this regard.

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