In what could boost image and enhance popularity of Rahul Gandhi who was reticent over spate of scams and scandals, Gandhi scion broke his silence mentioning that political system is replete with corruption. It is praiseworthy that he, while addressing the newly elected office bearers of the Congress, spurred youths to take plunge into politics to sweep out graft and sleazes from the system and gave them sermons that joining politics would mean serving nation with integrity and passion. But the scene is diametrically changed as no one reckons politics as a platform to serve the nation. It cannot be ruled out that Rahul Gandhi has been encouraging youths to join the politics in order to bring changes in the system. But it could be a wrong notion that the system would get insulated from graft with mere participation of youths into politics. Rather, there is a need of doing more to demolish the monster of corruption. First, political parties should be incorporated with democratic process to get rid of satraps. It is also significant to free politics from ‘money and muscles’ which has badly rotted the system. If these holes are not plugged precisely, brigades of youths will hardly do anything for the betterment of the system.

Eulogizing the transparency and democracy maintained in the elections of office bearers of the party, Rahul Gandhi opined that at least one crore youth have joined the cadre. But he should know that there is no transparency in assembly and Lok Sabha elections. His acceptance to the fact of rampant corruption affirms that the nation is facing a tough situation under the nose of the Congress-led UPA government. People can hardly recall if Rahul has ever reacted strongly over episodic corruption that the country is going through. The way he expressed over malpractices in the system vividly reflects that there is no need of change at the helm of political system. But the moot point is, if the system needs to be revamped precisely, the start should be made from the top of political system. If there is no change in modus operandi at the top of political structure, party workers at lower level will be affected and grafts and misdeeds will keep eroding the system.