Women love flowers and jewellery. What if there is a two-in-one offer? Entice, a jewellery brand by KGK group, has come up with an exquisite collection of intricate ornaments inspired from six rare flowers to woo fashionistas.

From soothing calla lilies to bright daffodils, and exotic round head rampions to refreshing morning glory flower -- the brand has created facsimiles of each with a creative twist.

While the diamond bracelet inspired from the calla lily flowers with white and rose gold presents the elegant and chic style, the earrings inspired by the petals of a Mexican shell flower is a medley of precious gemstones like ruby, emerald and glittering diamond.

The ring that incorporate the structure and colours of daffodils are the perfect example of the combination of yellow diamonds and white diamonds.

There is also the cocktail ring that takes its inspiration from the exotic round head rampion flower. Set in a classic diamond look, the ring makes a three-dimensional bold statement.

Integrating the overlapping petals of a periwinkle flower in this ring, the brand has created an extremely contemporary cocktail ring with white and black diamonds in white, rose and yellow gold finishes.

Then there is a detachable jewellery set (necklace and earrings) that presents motifs inspired by the morning glory flower in cool rich colours of emerald and sapphire. The combination of blue, green and shimmering white gives the piece a very fashionable and classy look.