Mumbai: Union Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh on Friday cleared that there was no looking back on the clearance given to the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project and said additional safety measures need to be included.

The Minister said that taking lessons from Japan nuclear crisis, which erupted after a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the country, India needs to further strengthen its safety measures.

Few days ago, it was reported that after radiation leak from the nuclear plant in Japan, Jairam Ramesh had written to the Prime Minister to re-consider the nuclear project.

Speaking to reporters in Mumbai, Ramesh said India cannot afford to ignore energy needs and there is no question of considering the clearance given to the 9,900 MW nuclear power project.

When asked if the Ministry will consider the power project, following agitation from villagers, like the POSCO project, Ramesh said that he had not received any memorandum from the people of Ratnagiri on the Jaitapur issue.

He said that objections by the villagers would not be binding on the Ministry.

In November 2010, the Environment Ministry had given green signal to the power plant project. For additional safety measures, every unit of the plant will have a separate cooling system and other safety equipments.