It augurs well that the Central government looks affirmative on the JPC probe into the 2G spectrum scam. If the Budget session had been stalled in demand of the formation of the JPC, there could have been nothing worse than it. It is disappointing for a democratic set-up, if parliamentary proceeding is paralysed. All political parties should earnestly think over it and take solemn oath that the Parliament should not be in logjam over any issue. The way winter session disrupted due to JPC ruckus, should not be set as precedent in future. It is praiseworthy that the ruling party has accepted its responsibility for the parliamentary proceeding. The opposition, which is equally accountable for running the Parliament, should not consider it a victory as the BJP patriarch Lal Krishan Adavani expressed on the government’s positive stand on the formation of JPC. The opposition should not grill on the spectrum scam only because it is equally important to iron out wrinkles in administrative system, which are  in form of big hurdles for surging India. The spectrum scam per se is not a big issue of concern, rather the government should diagnose what is it that lets scam and scandal happen. It is a challenge that there should be a thrust on demolishing the fountainhead of corruption and it will be possible when political and administrative reforms are prioritized. With nod for constitution of the JPC, both the ruling and opposition should envision for better political and administrative system.

The Central dispensation and opposition should not shy away from the fact that spectrum scam and other sleaze took place because of systematic shortcomings in our political and administrative system. The irony is that nothing is done to scan those lacunae and for making more conducive functioning for rising India. Chief Election Commissioner has given some valid points to improve the election process, but political parties are not bothered to heed to it. When it is clear that without political reform there cannot be improvement in administrative circle, there is no merit in sermons given by leaders for enhancing the system. Will the opposition, adamant on the formation of JPC, launch crusade against black money issue? As the nation is facing scams and scandals day after day, and people are distressed, there is an urgent need for effective and calibrated initiation. Aam adami will not be happy with removing hurdle of the Budget session only, unless there is a serious bid to remove all stumbling blocks for developing India.