New Delhi: New norm of Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is being seen as infringing the genuine rights of nearly 6.15 employees registered under it. According to the new provision, an employer can evade legal action for not depositing a part of the salary of its employees which was deducted in the name of provident fund. 

Trade unions are vehemently opposing it and demanding its abolishment. As per a notice of EPFO, if the deducted part of salary is not deposited in the account of an employee as his or her provident fund, it will be the responsibility of the victim and the EPFO to prove the charges against the employer that the deducted amount was not deposited as provident fund.

In case, they fail to prove the charges against the employer, no action will be taken against company’s management. This anti-employee norm which is seen as directly favouring the employers was passed on November 30. Labour experts are of the view that the new norm will enable the employers to avoid their responsibility to contribute a share in the provident fund account of an employee.


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