Bangalore: Karnataka Government HR Bhardwaj on Monday slammed the five-year BJP rule in the state, saying public money was swindled and esteem of the state lowered by scams and corruption cases.

"In the past few years, Karnataka has been held in a very low esteem on account of the large number of scams and corruption cases that have come to light", the Governor said, without referring to the BJP rule.

"Public money has been swindled and developmental works have come to a halt. Consequently, people have lost faith in political parties. The growing public cynicism has proved detrimental to democratic traditions", Bhardwaj said.

The Congress government, he said, is determined to regain the lost confidence of the people by ensuring a clean and accountable administration. "In the coming days, the mark of my Government will be reflected through efficient, effective and transparent administration", the Governor said.


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