Here is some tips on how men can take care of their skin:

Skin care at 20s: Skin at 20s has more oil content and tends to have problems like acne. Since, men do not go for facial packs and home remedies, men at this stage should use product that will help in controlling oil and simultaneously, providing nourishment.

While buying products, be conscious about the ingredients of the products especially, if they are suffering from acne problem. Although the skin is developing and young at this stage, following basic skin care such as cleansing, moisturising and applying sunscreen will help them in maintaining a healthy skin.

Skin care at 30s:
When compared to women, men are certainly more exposed to sunlight. Additionally, at this stage, the sagging of the skin is visible. Skin gets thinner at this age. Therefore, using anti-ageing creams is worth considering.  

Skin care at 40s and above:
As we grow older, our skin loses its regeneration power therefore, needs some extra care. Apart from frequent use of a moisturiser, men should also consider using anti-ageing creams.

Men at this stage can also opt for medical procedures and fillers to do away with the problem of skin ageing. They should not shy away from using under eye rejuvenating creams to fight the fine lines that develop under the eye.



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