Male: Expressing concern over continued political unrest in the Maldives, the European Union on Wednesday said it will support any process that will lead to political reconciliation and democratic elections in the country.
"It is important that a process that will lead to political reconciliation and democratic elections is agreed urgently. The EU is ready to support such efforts," EU High Representative Catherine Ashton said in a statement released by the EU office in Colombo.
Ashton said that she was glad that the Special Envoy of the Commonwealth, Sir Don McKinnon, has arrived in the Maldives to engage in a dialogue with all parties concerned.
McKinnon is currently in the Maldives to meet all the stakeholders to promote the consolidation of democratic culture and institutions and Commonwealth values and principles, to encourage inclusive agreement among political leaders on a way forward from the current situation.
She extended her fullest support to his important mission. "I believe it is of utmost importance that political parties and authorities abstain from taking any action that could further complicate matters. Moreover, the security of the leaders of political parties has to be guaranteed."
Ashton also said that agreement on the holding of early elections, on the independent investigation of the transfer of power and on the reestablishment of the correct functioning of government and parliament is now more important than ever.
The European Union will continue to closely follow events in the Maldives in cooperation with international partners, including the United Nations and the Commonwealth, she said.