Kiev: A friendly football match between Ukraine and Germany in Kiev on Friday will be the first match organized in the renovated Olympic stadium which will host the final of Euro 2012 Championship. Ukrainian fans are waiting for the victory of their team. It is a matter of honour for the Ukrainian footballers to beat Germany in the first match in the new stadium.

'We will try not to disappoint more than 70,000 fans. Our main task is not to give psychological advantage to Germany. We should believe in our ability to fight equally with such a rival,' Oleg Blokhin, the coach of Ukrainian national team said on the eve of the match.

Domestic experts believe that the main task for Ukraine is not only good play, but also showing the world its readiness for Euro 2012, as reported.

Some 300 volunteers of the Euro 2012 host city will take practical training examination on the eve of the match. They will help foreign guests to find their way near the stadium, as well as orient them how to find their seats, food booths etc. The volunteers will be working next to the stadium, on bus parking areas, at the intersection of major streets and in the exits from the subway stations.

The Kiev Olympic stadium was opened Oct 8. After the reconstruction, the arena contains nearly 73,000 seats. The stadium is supposed to host group matches, a quarterfinal and the final game.