London: In its battle to save Euro, the beleaguered European Central Bank is now inviting the public to take key economic decisions for them.

The European Central Bank has launched an iPad and iPhone game which allows people to take control of a monetary union and see how they would cope when faced with an economic crisis.

The bank has, in fact, produced the computer game in which players set interest rates to keep inflation low and growth steady.

Economia, where the first E is the euro symbol, was launched for iPad and iPhone in October 2011, just as the crisis facing the eurozone was deepening. It is promoted with the line: "Will you be a hawk or a dove? Have you got what it takes to be among central banking's best?"

It is unclear how much the game cost to develop.

Sadly, sales of the game will not raise the billions needed to bail out bankrupt states -- it is being given away free.