Vienna: The European Union is set to tighten radiation limits on Japanese food imports following the disaster at the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Citing EU health commissioner John Dalli, Fabian Fusseis, a spokesman for Austrian Health Minister Alois Stoeger who attended a meeting of EU health ministers in Godollo Castle outside Budapest, said that stricter radiation limits would be imposed on Japanese food.

EU Commission head Jose Manuel Barroso confirmed the plans during a session of the European Parliament in the Parliament.

"We have a regulation that was established after Chernobyl," Barroso said, referring to the world's worst nuclear accident in Ukraine in 1986.

He said that the regulation was made based on the best scientific evidence at that time.

“Japan, however, which takes an extremely sensitive position in matters of food security, had a different level, a different threshold than the one we have in Europe,” Barroso said.

“Meanwhile, we are going to consult the committee of experts on a national and a European level so that we can, if appropriate, establish common uniform rules for all imports," he added