Los Angeles (Agencies): French actress Eva Green, the Vogue girl known for her "killer looks, intelligence and modesty", is set to play opposite Johnny Depp in 'Dark Shadows'.

She is also noted for her role of Vesper Lynde in Bond film 'Casino Royale'.

Depp, the American actor and musician, has long been attached to play the vampire Barnabas Collins while Australian actress Bella Heathcote would play a waitress who resembles Collins' long-lost love.

Green will play temptress Angelinque in Tim Burton's movie adaptation of 1966's supernatural TV soap opera, the Hollywood Reporter revealed.

Lara Parker had depicted Angelinque in the TV drama. Green was recently seen in movies like 'Womb', 'Cracks' and 'Perfect Sense'.

Seth Grahame-Smith has written the script, and Depp, Graham King, Richard Zanuck, Christi Dembrowski and David Kennedy are producing.

Warner Bros got the rights from show creator Dan Curtis in 2007 but it hasn't yet set a release date.