Mumbai: It's a love story that can provide enough fodder for a full-blown Bollywood potboiler. Anushka Sharma and Ranveer Singh's love-hate relationship is no secret, but it seems to have taken a whole new turn during the shooting of their latest film Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl.

It was reported before that they were no longer a couple as both thought it was better to stay friends only. But Ranveer is obviously in no mood to mask his feelings for this Punjabi kudi. He says, "We are so close, we can complete each other's sentences now." And if you think that's intense, here's more. Ask him if he would like to date Anushka again he says, "Even today I'd love to date her."

Interestingly, Anushka doesn't seem to share the sentiment. She admits that their relationship has come a long way since their debut film, but it's something that cannot be defined.

"Ranveer is very flirtatious. Today he says this about me, tomorrow he will be charming a bunch of journalists. He is like that. We cannot be tagged as boyfriend-girlfriend or lovers or just friends. It's a space only we both understand." Sure, but it looks like though he would love to take her out for dinners and play protective boyfriend, she is more than sure they are not meant to be together.

Adds Anushka, "We are very different people."

Whatever said and done, this back and forth does seem to be working for their professional lives, if not their personal. And though we can't promise if this would end up in band, baaja and baaraat, don't be surprised if many more tales about Anushka vs Ranveer follow this one.