While previous research has shown that negative emotions related to fear and disgust are communicated via chemical composition of sweat, a few studies have examined whether the same communicative function holds for positive emotions.

It means that somebody who is happy will infuse others in their vicinity with happiness."In a way, happiness sweat is somewhat like smiling - it is infectious," he added.The research indicates that we produce chemical compounds, or chemosignals, when we experience happiness that are detectable by others who smell our sweat.

The researchers recruited 12 males who were prohibited from alcohol use, sexual activity, consumption of smelly food or excessive exercise during the study.The sweat donors came to the lab, rinsed and dried their armpits, and had absorbent pads attached to each armpit.They watched a video clip intended to induce a particular emotional state (fear, happiness, neutral). The sweat pads were then removed and stored in vials.

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