In the fast changing world of international fashion, Indian fashion has stood its ground graciously over all these years. And with every passing day, fashion from India is just touching peak after peak of glorious popularity. Apart from saree, Indian lehenga is another gorgeous piece of attire that has catapulted Indian fashion to unimaginable heights. From traditional flared lehengas to the latest designer ones, you pair it with a sleek sensuous choli and what you attain is a fashion dream. Here fashion designer Samant Chauhan explains some special lehenga designs with Sakhi. He believes, in the fast changing trend of fashion, lehenga also need to some fashionable and trendy touch.

Every bride keeps their wedding attire safely. They always try to wear their special dress on some special occasion but due to heaviness of wedding cloths they wouldn’t wear it. It’s a very common problem. Now this problem resolved by designers. You have to take certain things on your mind for your special wedding lehengas before your wedding. You become a head turner on any occasion by wearing your same wedding lehenga in different style. Keeping in mind different style of pattern, fashion designers experiment new look in lehengas. Besides this, one thing is most important that cannot be ignored is your body shape.

For your D-day, choose stylish lehenga which suits on your body shape and most important do not ignor your lehenga’s fabric, colour and embroidery. Don’t go for maroon or red colour lehengas, choose some unique hues of lehegas so that you can wear it on any formal occasion after your wedding. Hefty ladies should use light fabrics.

To give a contemporary look to your lehenga, play it with choli tops.

-    Wear long kurtas on your lehengas which has slits on both sides.

-    Try short kurti or tunic on this.

-    Wear corset, bustier and tube tops on this.

-    Even you can try to play western crop top, waist top, halter top or baby doll top with your lehenga.

-    Alikaa jacket is in vogue now and it becomes hottest trend among fashionat women.

-    Long coat style kurti also being liked among people.

-    You can also wear sharara and lachha in modern style.

-    In fact to give a casual touch to your lehenga, you can also pair it up with belts.

-    The specialties of these options are, you can wear these styles without chunni on any formal occasion.

Body shape:

-    Straight cut lehenga suits on heavy weight and short heighted person.

-    Any styles or cuts suit on tall girls. Thin girls should opt flared lehengas for fuller appearance.

-    Fitted style goes well with hourglass figure.

Styles of lehengas:

There are four styles of lehenga which is very popular these days.

-    A-line long straight skirt which is popular with gopi skirt name. These are the traditional dress of North India and you can wear it with kurti.

-    You can team up choli or short tunic with gipsy style flared skirt which is traditional dress of Rajasthan and Gujrat.

-    Pleated skirts are traditional attire of South India.

-    Last but not the least, inspired by fancy world, fish cut lehengas become hottest trend among youngsters in these days.

So, get regal look by teaming up your wedding lehengas in a different style and add epitome of glamour in your personality.

Courtesy: Sakhi