The latest version has also incorporated new search and discovery functions and it will let the user get rid of iconography, which were usually seen in the previous desktop version of Windows. This will result in a distraction-free, minimalistic interface, which consists of cards for arrangement of notes in different panes, selected on the mode of view chosen by the user.

This new app from Evernote also brings in TypeAhead search, which was so far available only to Mac users. The TypeAhead search acts as a key assistance tool by offering advanced search filtering options for Evernote Business users, by differentiating between notes meant for personal and business notes.

The company said that Evernote 5 is presently available in Beta version and it’s the first of several Betas, which are in pipeline. The users, however, may have to guard against data loss, though chances of such cases are pretty rare. Apart from that, the new version of the app also fails to provide support for Evernote’s new remainders and it’s expected to be added soon to the app.


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