Bhopal: Coming down heavily on the Congress over bringing non-confidence motion against the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh Assembly, School Education Minister Archana Chitnis said that every religion holds equal importance and hence, all will be part of the school curriculum in the state.

“What could be better than teaching religious books like Bhagvad Gita, Bible or Quran in the schools? These texts will enrich the moral values and culturally uplift the future generations,” Chitnis said in response to the questions raised by the Opposition in the assembly on Wednesday.

Her comments came amidst the protest following Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s decision to include Bhagvad Gita in the schools of Madhya Pradesh.  

She further added that every commission meant for improving the education system in the country have given due consideration to the religious and cultural values above all.

“These values are really important for nourishing the child’s mind. Hence, Congress theory of neglecting religion for the sake of secularism is totally unacceptable,” Chitnis added.

Chitnis accused the Congress MLAs of being the followers of the party which is least bothered about public grievances and alleged that the Ministers in Union Government were involved in scams and corruptions.

Dismissing the allegations of not paying attention to Madrasa, the Minister said, “Madrasas have seen a remarkable growth in the BJP regime. While their number during Congress rule was mere 900, now they have reached to 5,955. Out of these, 1,237 Madrasa are getting financial assistance from the government. During Congress their number was 443 only.”