Greater Noida: From kids to youngsters, from men to women, all have fallen for India’s maiden Grand Prix which started on October 29 at India’s only Formula one circuit, the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) at Greater Noida. The much awaited first Formula one race of the nation has attracted spectators not only from different parts of the country but also from abroad.

To catch a glimpse of the Indian Grand Prix, Formula one race lovers across the globe have come to India to witness the Formula one cars making waves on the track. Seeing the present thrill and excitation of the people, Formula one in India is hopeful of getting the acceleration in terms of craze and growth as a sport.

To witness the thrill, people from Punjab, Haryana, Meerut, Jaipur, Mumbai, Agra and Chandigarh have congregated in Noida, along with tourists from Britain, Australia and Denmark.

Spectators started visiting the track from 8 am. While youngsters were spotted enjoying the practice session over last two days in groups, families with kids also visited the track.

Majority of the people in the country had seen the races on their television sets till now, but now they got a much awaited opportunity to witness the thrill live.

Chavvi Bajpai of Delhi said, “I was waiting to witness country first Formula one race from many weeks. I got my tickets right after the ticket launch. On seeing the cars making rounds live, it was a memorable experience.”

“Till now we had seen the race on the television or video games. Cars that passed in a blink of eye on the track won over our hearts. The noise of the cars was echoing in the ears. After the experience here we go back home with stories to tell to other friends.” said Pooja another spectator.

On the second day of the Race, number of spectators doubled the numbers of the first day. With more numbers coming to witness the race, the organizers faced problems in arranging for the transportation. But in short time, 31 buses were arranged.

Passes were permitted in limited numbers and people without passes had to park their cars in the Knowledge Park. Due to lack of parking permit, even the owners of expensive cars had to travel in buses arranged by the organizers. People travelling in embassy cars also travelled in the buses till the circuit.

Thousands of people reached the track on the first two days but few knew about the participating teams and drivers.

“We just know about seven time world champion Michael Schumacher.” said Irfan and Shariq of Chandigarh.

They were unaware of the Indian drivers participating in the race.

“We have come here to enjoy the thrill of the race and speed of cars not to support any team." they added.

Many  who bought the ticket right after the ticket launch in August earlier this year, ranging from 2500 to 35000 rupees , are regretting when the ticket rates are dropped by 50 percent of actual price.

Kailash Goyal, who booked his ticket in advance, said, “Seeing the hype over the limited tickets I bought the tickets in advance. I spend much more than the price of the tickets right now.” 

While Manoj said, “I could not buy the tickets before due to prior engagements but now that tickets rates are slashed I saved my money.”