It’s not your aptitude, but your attitude, that determines your altitude. We may have heard this adage but how many of us have realised it. Many times our friends and closed ones ask us to ‘think positive’ when we are feeling depressed, angry, anxious, frustrated or just down-right negative. But we often choose this advice as the last thing to do.

Why to blame 

Continuous criticism and failures break our confidence and we often imbibe negativity in our approach. But controlling our negative emotions is a must for a healthy and successful life. Our unlimited desires and ambitions often drive us into a utopian world where we actually forget to cherish our significant accomplishments. This leads to pessimism.  One must not forget that negative attitudes grip one’s mind easily. People always regret that they wouldn’t achieve success, but the reality is that where there is struggle, there is success. Just relish what the almighty has given you without paying heed to what you don’t possess. This mantra will help you in weeding out negativity.

Attitude determines Altitude

Every coin has two sides, so has the life- One is Negative and other is Positive. It totally depends on us how we want to see our lives and overcome the odds to land in a better tomorrow. Great people said ‘failure is way to success’. Going by the adage, it’s the failure which prepares us to try harder for success. The only thing that matters is our approach to handle any situation.

When we start looking at brighter side of life, negativity will automatically vanish. It depends upon us how to look beyond odds and take failures as challenges. If you want to march ahead and live a decent life, just scotch negative thinking and cynicism and embrace mantra that let bygone be bygone and welcome every morning with all verve and zeal.

Learn from them

There are many people who inspire us in our lives. Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam, US President Barack Obama and several others has been the role model of many. Learn from their experiences. Their success stories teach us the bitter experiences of lives and prepare us to handle adverse situations.

Being positive is easy  

•    When negative thoughts override your mind, resort to self introspection. Explore your likes and dislikes. This will help you in rediscovering yourself.

•    Start complimenting yourself. Pen down your accomplishments. This will boost your confidence and is beneficial for your inner growth.

Courtesy: Sakhi