Top government sources said talks can happen if Pakistan is sincere and made it clear that India will not accept any third party intervention, including by the UN which has been approached by Pakistan.
"Everything will be fine soon," Modi said on being asked about ceasefire violations by Pakistan. He was attending the 'At Home' organised by IAF Chief Arup Raha on the occasion of Air Force Day.
Modi did not speak further but top government sources said India will not give in to "coercive diplomacy" by Pakistan and will respond strongly to Pakistani shelling.
Contending that India is giving a "massive" response to the Pakistani action which was "totally unprovoked," the sources cited media reports in Pakistan to say that 35 people have been killed in the last two days on that side – 20 yesterday and 15 the previous day.
The sources noted that there was no independent confirmation of this casualty.
"Pakistan should stop... We are only protecting our sovereignty," the sources said, adding "we did not escalate the situation and we are not going to scale down."
When pointed out that it could then be a prolonged affair, the sources said India is ready for long haul unless Pakistan stops.
India feels that Pakistan resorted to this action to "raise the temperature" and bring Kashmir issue into focus after receiving setbacks repeatedly.
Pakistan had tried to raise the issue at the UN, which did not succeed and now it might by trying to escalate the situation to draw the world attention, the sources said.

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