Union Home Minister P Chidambaram’s statement came in the wake of the serial bomb blasts in Mumbai that claimed around 20 lives and leaving over 100 injured that the intelligence machinery of the country did not fail despite having no prior lead about the deadly strikes. It is very likely that the Home Minister might have dissatisfactory explanation for the fact that the investigative agencies are still groping in the dark for any headway into the terror trail even 48 hours after terror hit Mumbai.  But it is apparent that such explanations would yield nothing, neither for him nor for the country. The unabated bomb blasts in the financial capital of the country has established the city as a soft target for terror groups in a similar fashion as Somnath Temple used to be for the foreign invaders. The July 13 blast has also exposed the mighty claims of the Union Home Minister of putting in place a foolproof security apparatus after terror descended on Mumbai through the sea on 26/11. And that is why the Home Minister tried to sell the argument that it is almost impossible to insulate cities like Mumbai from terror attacks. But it cannot be a co-incidence that the Home Minister and Rahul Gandhi are speaking on the same wavelength while explaining that it is impossible for the state to have a 100 percent success rate in checking terror attacks. Such statements within 24 hours of a terror attack that shook the conscience of Mumbai as well as the nation is not only uncalled for, rather discouraging.

Rahul Gandhi’s statement after the Mumbai blast is a reflection of the weak will power of the Congress and the government led by it at the Centre to fight terror. It is shameful that the entire ruling party is busy defending Rahul Gandhi. Their act can be best defined as an action that would shatter the morale of the countrymen. The Congress is offended by the criticism of the Centre after the Mumbai attack. But the Congress’ reaction does not hold water because the Central government has failed to display even the minimum pro-activeness in fighting terrorism. The government has been shying away from taking necessary action to curb terrorism and many at times it appears that it is contented by merely making hollow statements. A delay in implementing police reforms only proves the government’s intention. Even the approach of non-Congress parties on the issue is similar. Like other political parties, even the Congress doesn’t want to lose the privilege of using the police and investigative agencies for political gains. Maharashtra Chief Minister’s statement that the Congress committed a mistake by giving the key Home portfolio to its ally NCP proves that the internal security of the country is not in the best of its shape because of the parochial mindset of the political parties. In other words the political parties are compromising with the internal security of the country for political gains.