New Delhi: External Affairs Minister S M Krishna on  said India has repeatedly given Pakistan every detail of Lashkar-e-Taiba leader Hafiz Saeed's involvement in the Mumbai terror attack but Islamabad has chosen not to conduct an investigation.

Krishna said, “ Paksitan has enough proof against Saeed and denial would not exonerate unless there is judicial inquiry." He said all the issues related to the bilateral issue will be discussed during Zardari’s visit to India.” The dossier that Home Minister P Chidambaram has given to Islamabad has every detail of Saeed's involvement in the terrorist attack on Mumbai, he told reporters here.

Krishna said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has invited Pakistan President Asif Zardari for lunch so, “ I hope bilateral issues will come up but they may not be able to go in great detail. After all, it's a private visit of President Zardari. I do not know whether they would have time to go into great details."

Zardari is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh over lunch in New Delhi on April 8 before making a private visit to the 13th century Sufi shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti at Ajmer.

"From whatever I have gathered in last three years Hina  Rabbani (Khar) (Pakistan Foreign Minister) she told me personally there is a mindset that has changed in Pakistan and she brings that to India so I believe her India-Pakistan bilateral (relationship) is looking up eventually it will," Krishna said.

Despite the statements made by Pakistan regarding concrete evidence on Hafiz Saeed, the US on Friday has said it was convinced that the LeT founder Hafiz Saeed, had played a key role in the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks and a bounty of USD 10 million on  him is only been announced to bring him to justice.