New Delhi: The Central government has set aside the demands of sacking seasoned journalist Dilip Padgaonkar from the panel of interlocutors on Jammu & Kashmir after it was reported that he attended seminars in America organized by Ghulam Nabi Fai, arrested by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for organizing seminars on Kashmir which were funded by the ISI.

Scuttling all demands, the Centre has opined that there are not sufficient enough evidences to prove Padgaonkar's association with Fai.

According to highly placed sources in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Padgaonkar has maintained respectable position which was one of the reasons for which he was appointed as head of the panel of Jammu and Kashmir interlocutors.

Sources say Padgaonkar has no record of making any controversial statement in any of the seminars of Kashmiri American council (KAC) organized by Fai. Moreover, he has no links with any other organisation.

“Action will be taken only if any serious finding related to Padgaonkar’s link up with Fai comes into light. But in present situation no action can be taken against him,” sources said.

Several organisation of Jammu and Kashmir have pointed fingers at Padgaonkar after the revelation. Moreover, one of the three interlocutors MM Ansari has also criticized Padgaonkar for attending seminars organized by Fai.