"This will now reduce the cost of around Rs 17 crore which was spent earlier on paper work annually. Beside it shall also reduce the transportation cost of the state government spent on shifting of the office files etc. ... Both the Shimla and Dharamsala blocks of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha are now fully hi-tech," Butail said
The Shimla Vidhan Sabha was the first to be digitalized on August 4, 2014.
Butail announced on Thursday that the computerization of the entire Vidhan Sabha procedures and processes has been completed, enabling all services to be integrated online during the upcoming Winter Session which will begin here on Friday and will go on till December 12 .
By installing this system which is major step towards the government's 'go-green' effort, as around 6,000 trees can be saved annually, he said.
Having taken personal interest in the project, the Speaker had sought central assistance for implementing the Rs 7.75 crore e-Vidhan Project.
"We are waiting for central help to upgrade both the Houses," he said, adding that the initiative has won accolades from the Centre and other state Assemblies were showing interest in replicating it.
Butail said states like Kerala - where the software used in the e-Vidhan project was developed, Karnataka, Nagaland, West Bengal and Punjab have inquired about the new system.
A conference of IT ministers and secretaries of several states shall be organized in Shimla on the project soon, Butail said.
"Himachal Pradesh Assembly shall link the Vidhan Sabha to mobiles phones of all MLAs and the media. And this shall be completed in the next two months," he added.

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