New Delhi: In a bid to check the sagging image of civil aviation industry owing to the fake pilot saga, the government is mulling to bring in loads of changes.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided to bring change in the process of pilot examination and in the procedure of appointing new DGCA.

The government has decided to tighten noose around the DGCA’s Central Examination Organisation as it is considered to be the epicentre of all ongoing malpractices in the selection of pilots.

CCTV cameras will be installed in order to monitor the examination, said an official.

The eight-member committee, set up by the Civil Aviation Ministry, in its investigation found that the examination process was largely rigged.

According to the committee report, DGCA officials, employees and brokers, who are involved in the fake pilot scam, offer help to those students who are academically weak but are capable of spending money for getting licence.

Cameras are expected to be installed in few months through which the exams will be video-recorded, said an official.

The controlling and monitoring of the examination will be done from DGCA headquarters itself. After each examination, a senior official will examine the recording.

Meanwhile, advertisements have been issued for the appointment of new DGCA. Apart from senior and experienced officials from the Civil Aviation Ministry, officers from Air Force of Marshal Rank can also apply for the post.

However, the qualifying criteria have been made strict to avoid any controversy.