Originally from Gorakhpur in eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, Mishra, was put behind bars as an under-trial in June 2013.

Mishra said his wife had consumed some poisonous substance in April 2013, and died. He was falsely implicated in a case and sent to Gurgaon jail, where he met inmates Rohit Pagara and Ajay, he added.

Spending few months in depression, Mishra decided to digitize the jail canteen's old coupon system. The software he created eventually led to the adoption of biometric machines to run operations. Then Gurgaon jail superintendent Harinder Singh extended full co-operation to them.

After being acquitted from the charge, he didn’t drop the project and worked on it without taking any money from the prisons authorities.

Mishra said the project is not costly and any jail requires Rs 4-5 lakh for the hardware.

The team that designed the software has, it can be said, 'expertise in their domain'.

Features of the software include compatibility with biometric identification machines, face identification and retina scanners. It is a boon for courts, which can access prisoners' records.

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