Washington: Ex-girlfriend of the slain suspect in Wisconsin Gurdwara shooting is to face charges of felony possession of weapons; a media report said quoting sources in law enforcement agencies.

During search operation, the police recovered a gun from the residence of Misty M Cook, the ex-girlfriend of Wade Michael Page, 41, who allegedly went on a shooting rampage inside the Gurdwara on Sunday in Wisconsin killing six people. He was shot dead by the security officers.

While law enforcement officials said that the weapon recovered from the residence of Cook,31, was not involved in the shooting incident, News channel  quoting officials said on Tuesday that Cook has a prior felony conviction.

"But it was unclear if that was the reason for the new charge or if there was some other reason that the gun was deemed illegal. No details about the past conviction were available," the news channel said.

A nursing student, Cook lived with Page at two separate apartments in South Miliwakee. So far she has not been charged in the shooting incident.

However, she is likely to be arrested and processed by the South Milwaukee Police Department, the news channel said. Jenna Benn, the Anti-Defamation League's assistant regional director in Chicago told Stars and Stripes that Cook is affiliated with the white-power group Volksfront and is a supporter of the Hammerskin Nation, a Dallas-based white supremacy group.

She said the suspected gunman's ex-girlfriend is a prolific poster on hate forums. While Cook refused to give interviews, her neighbours told Fox news that Cook and Page separated recently.

One neighbor recently reported hearing Page "banging on the door of his old apartment, demanding to be let in." David Brown, 62, a Navy veteran who also lived in the building, said Page often lifted weights in the basement, as angry music blasted away.

He said Cook began to change after living with Page. "The longer she stayed here with him, the quieter and more withdrawn she got," Brown told a website.

"In the end she didn't even make eye contact with me," Brown was quoted as saying.


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