Questions like "Is survival on earth becoming even more precarious than in space?", "Can our cities survive for long if they continue to grow irresponsibly?", "How can policy makers intervene to make our cities self-sufficient?" would be raised through "The Undivided Mind", an exhibition emanating from a two-week residency that explores the crossover between two seemingly unrelated fields of art and science.

It will be open for public viewing at Khoj Studios from February 27 to March 3.CAAS Collective comprises of Susmita Mohanty, spaceship designer and aerospace entrepreneur, Barbara Imhof, space architect and Sue Fairburn, scientist and design researcher.

Devasher is a visual artist who has participated in several past residency programmes at Khoj."Ever wondered how astronauts live in outer space? Their space habitat is not very different in size, basic amenities from that of a micro compact home or workspace in super dense cities like Mumbai, Tokyo, New York or Sao Paulo," said Mohanty in a statement.

"Through our collages that juxtapose various living environments on earth and that in space, we want to create a dialogue that earth and space are not exclusive of each other," Fairburn, Canadian scientist who works with concepts of extreme physiology, said.


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