Dehradun: What has come as good news that states like Uttarkhand and Himachal are far ahead of national average in spending money on children’s education.

As per reports approximately Rs 1681 is were being spent on a child’s education on an average in the state whereas under the RTI Act government expenditure on the education of those children who could not get admission on 25 percent marked for deprived section of the society has gone up by Rs 41 crore. The state has knocked at the doors of the Centre to meet the staggering demand.

However; the issue has been referred to Human Resource Development Ministry. According to reports Rs 5,270 is being spent on an average student annually whereas it is approximately Rs 16,681 annually in Uttarakhand while the amount stands nearly about 16,681 in Uttarakhand which is the highest among these states. In Himachal also expenditure in this regard is above Rs 16,000.
Taking this into consideration, Uttarakhand has demanded Rs additional 41 crore from the Centre.

As per reports, Planning Commission has taken the demand of these states to release additional fund for them but ball is dangling in the court of Human Resource Ministry since the issue is concerned with a number of states.


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