Dehradun: Affording best quality education for children has burnt hole in the pocket of parents.  Due to the heavy fee charged by the private schools, the expenditure on school education increased by 200 percent within last five years, a survey conducted by industry body ASSOCHAM said.

The average expenditure on single child education is nearly 60 percent of the total income earned by a family. The expenses further increase by 30 percent if there is only one earning member in the family, the study of The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries of India (ASSOCHAM) reveals.

ASSOCHAM conducted survey in Dehradun, Lucknow, Pune, and Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and dozens of other cities from May to July 2011. More than 1000 women put forth their views on the soaring educational expenses.

General Secretary of ASSOCHAM, DS Rawat said, “Education in private schools has drastically become expensive due to which middle class families are finding it difficult to bear the extra burden.”

According to the survey, nearly 75 percent of the parents are in a state of shock for the increasing burden of education expenses while around 50 percent of the parents are under stress to provide their kids quality education.

Moreover, 90 percent parents believe that they cannot afford to provide education to their children if both of them are not working. It is due to this reason that the percent of working mothers has also increased in last five years.