Rohit Solanki, creative expert, provides quirky do-it-yourself hairstyle tips:

* Asymmetric hipster braid:
Use a bit of mousse or wax when your freshly washed hair is almost dry to cut down the frizz and to give the hair some direction. Create a side parting and do a quick rope braid, twisting two chunks of hair from your side parting down till the ear on one side. This will help to settle your hair instead of them frizzing. Divide your hair at the back in three segments and tie a loose braid removing pieces of hair to give a messy look.

* Tousled scrunch:

Use a texture cream or mousse along with some hair spray to add some hold factor to the hair while it is still wet. Then using your palm, start scrunching the hair by pushing the ends up till the roots while pressing it within your palms. This will make the hair take its natural wavy movement and give you that carefree yet stylish scrunch. You can also use a dryer at medium fan speed and maximum heat to dry the hair out faster without frizzing them up.

* Moviestar waves:
Start with a heat protecting spray to avoid heat related hair damage. Post applying the product, let it naturally dry before starting the waves. Use the curling iron to create waves. Move in diagonal sections away from the face. Also, only focus on the ends as they need the utmost amount of attention. Spray some hard holding hair spray to keep the style long lasting in the humid weather.

* Topknot:
Use a brush to get all the hair into a clean neat ponytail just behind the top of your head. Take all the loose hair and treat it with a hair spray for maximum hold. Start wrapping it around itself until you have a twisted knot on top of your head. Secure it by pinning it up with bobby pins. Settle the baby hair near the hairline by patting it with some gel, wax or spray and you are done. You can also cut your front hair into a flat or side fringe to add the quirky factor.

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