New Delhi: A high-level expert group set up by the Planning Commission has called for several key recommendations for the health sector.

The group insisted on the formation of the National Health Regulatory and Development Authority (NHRDA) that will look into all the health services provided by the government and private hospitals.

According to the expert group, there will be a provision to take direct action against the hospital if any complaint is lodged against it.

It is to be noted that the Planning Commission has formed the expert group with the intention of safeguarding consumer interests and providing the required healthcare services across the country by 2020. The group drew attention to many existing inconsistencies in the health sector.

The expert group has also raised concern over the non-cooperating attitude of private hospitals towards the poor even in critical situation and the expensive drugs prescribed by doctors.

They also observed that not only the government doctors, rather private hospitals, nursing homes and doctors at private clinics have also adopted the same practice. Therefore, the authority will also keep an eye on medicines/drugs prescribed by doctors.

“The authority will also monitor the quality of medical devices and related issues etc.”, informed the expert group.

The recognition of government and private hospitals and their operations should also come under the vigilance of the authority, expert group recommended.